Background Check & Verification

Back Ground Verification

Back Ground Verification

Your organization is probably 60 times more unsafe than you think!

Slowly but steadily, India is showing an increasing trend of discrepancy or fraudulent cases.

Highest numbers of discrepancies, 2 out of 3, are found in employment verification, in the areas of false tenure, title, and salary data coupled with fake experience documents. Next up on the list are discrepancies found in education (5-25%) and address (15-20%) verifications.

Background Verification in Pan India is about screening background and verification covered. Whether it is employee background verification in over India for the first time or are a veteran, with background checks done, we provide the required details.

  • Address verification
  • Criminal database checks
  • CIBIL report and score
  • CIBIL credit report
  • Education verification
  • Social media scan
  • Employment verification
  • Criminal verification
  • Reference verification

We are proud to be one of the pioneers and well-known as the finest Background Verification Companies. This is because we deliver background checks all over India, but for a few sensitive disturbed areas.

Our strength is our prompt delivery and speed. We take the task immediately and have special teams to do background verification that within 2-3 days, we can give a complete report on candidates. We have the ability to do these checks even in the overseas geographies if required.